Clair de Lune


2 thoughts on “Clair de Lune

  1. Hello!
    You are one of the most talented yarn artists I have ever seen! Is anything yet available from this Clair de Lune colourways? It looks like two fade sets with 4 skeins each to me. Am I right? How much are they and what would it cost to ship 4 skeins all the way to Sweden?
    I wish you all the best, and continue your great work!💜

    Warmly yours,


    1. Thank you kindly Carin! Unfortunately I have no Clair de Lune in stock OR of the Hoodoo Man Blues. But I am happy to make some for you! I have Wishbone Solo base in stock right now – it’s a single ply fingering weight 100% merino. But I can easily also get the twisted sock base (also fingering weight) and lace weight single ply – both also 100% Merino. Regarding postage – it depends on the weight and I can get a quote for you. Best wishes, Lily


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