Fizz Pop

These were an experiment… after a sleepless night. I could probably make something similar again, but these are one of a kind.


There are two in each colour – what you see on the left is the re-skeined version of what you see on the right. This is to give you a better idea of what their overall tone is.

They are on Wishbone Solo, which is a soft fingering weight, single ply 100% Merino yarn. It’s perfect for shawls and garments.

Two One x Fizz Pop #1 (blue in top row) : 100g/420y/384m, ZAR 200 per skein SOLD OUT

Two x Fizz Pop #2 (pale pink in second row from top): 100g/420y/384m, ZAR 200 per skein

Two x Fizz Pop #3 (turquoise in third row from top): 100g/420y/384m, ZAR 200 per skein

Two One x Fizz Pop #4 (Blue, bottom row): 100g/420y/384m, ZAR 200 per skein SOLD OUT

bluebottle shawl


I dyed up two skeins – one a lot less intense than the other, but a tonal match.

The colours on glistening Wishbone Sock (100% twisted Merino) reminded me of sunlight on bluebottles. I was petrified of them when I was small because I once emerged from the sea with a string of them around my tummy – ouch!  But I was drawn to their beauty nonetheless.


I  melded the colours in the by alternating them every second row for eight rows. The pattern is by one of my favourite designers – Simone Eich.

Simone is a synaesthete – she sees numbers and words in colour!