Wish #3

Every now and then I do a tiny run of a certain powerful, good wish. This is Wish #3, it’s power and goodness concentrated in two skeins only. Never to be repeated.

Wishbone Sock is a soft fingering weight, double ply 100% Merino yarn. It’s perfect for shawls and garments.



to the power of green

This week has been all about green for me. My first try at sage green left me with a very nice shade of grey… I gave it a rest and the next day everything became clear. I love sage green so much that ALL the woodwork in my loft is painted in two shades of it.

Which brings me to Wish #2:

Wish #2, just like Wish #1, contains a very powerful and good wish. There are only four skeins, and this colour way will not be repeated.

Did I mention that I love grey green?


Mixed with rust…

And that brings me to Wish #3. It contains a wish so powerful that it could only be made once. 100 grams of powerful good green wish.

Mme Wishbone is taking a two week break to go to the mountains and the sea, in search of more green inspiration.

See you soon!


bluebottle shawl


I dyed up two skeins – one a lot less intense than the other, but a tonal match.

The colours on glistening Wishbone Sock (100% twisted Merino) reminded me of sunlight on bluebottles. I was petrified of them when I was small because I once emerged from the sea with a string of them around my tummy – ouch!  But I was drawn to their beauty nonetheless.


I  melded the colours in the by alternating them every second row for eight rows. The pattern is by one of my favourite designers – Simone Eich.

Simone is a synaesthete – she sees numbers and words in colour!